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Posted on: November 30, 2008

OMG. I have spent quite a number of hours this last week and this weekend preparing for placement testing for school. I’m comfortable with the reading comprehension and writing and even the majority of the math. But the algebra, especially the college algebra? Total blech, poohey, ick. Now I’m remembering why I hated it in school. I’m hoping it won’t make a huge difference in whether or not I can take the courses I want but I won’t know until I take the test which is tomorrow morning. Unfortunately you can’t make an appointment, it’s first come first served so I’ll be there bright and early. Wish me luck.

For Thanksgiving we went out to a cousin’s place and snarfed down lots of good food. It was so much fun – there’s barely a moment with this crowd when someone isn’t making someone else laugh. We’re simply goofballs. There were 16 of us with ages ranging from 8 months to 75 years, crazy right? I wish everyone could experience what we do at the holidays. It just means so much more when it’s not a forced gathering, you know? That everyone truly wants to be there and we actually like each other. Makes it really hard to say good bye when it’s over. 🙂

Well, I had planned to do quite a long post today because there is a lot to update about (knitting, hubby’s condition, Christmas tree, etc) but am suddenly just pooped so I’ll do that later this week. See ya.


2 Responses to "Algebra??"

Wish you luck for your test. Best regards.

i hope your testing went well, what are you wanting to study? And a belated happy birthday!

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