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24 Years, 8 Months, 3 Days

Posted on: December 22, 2008

Friday was my last day of work at a place I had been 24 years, 8 months and 3 days as of 5:15 pm when I left. On the way home on the bus I tried to figure out how I felt about it all and you know what? It felt like this:

Bunch up your shoulders really, really, really tight so they’re up around your ears and then make your arms and the rest of your torso and then your legs really, really tight…hold for as long as you possibly can and then…relax. Let every muscle/tendon/fiber just relax. There! THAT’S IT! That’s the feeling. Amazing. Because the two weeks prior to my departure were, well, hell. But I refuse to think anymore about them beyond this post, they’re done, gone, never to be repeated and I am SO ready to move on.

I did have a lovely lunch with some friends from work on Thursday and I am so appreciative of that. They not only paid for lunch but had pitched in on a TCF gift card for me. I joked when I saw it was a bank card (because it looks like a credit card) and said, oh for cool…is this What Not To Wear?? Thanks so much to Liz, Julia, Tish, Shellby, Jill, Denise, Sue, Charlotte and Marcy!

Another co-worker gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card and Godiva chocolates, thank you to Joann. You know I love to read and I do love my chocolate! 🙂 Joann is a knitter also but blogless at this stage in her life. Some day I will convert her but for now she’s busy with two little ones so she is forgiven.

Thank you also to Renee, Cal, Chuck and MK for lunch at DK’s. As usual, there was total silliness throughout the meal. I really am going to miss the laughter and sharing of silly stories.

To you all at work who read my blog – thank you for your wonderful support over the last 18 months, the time would have been pure hell if I didn’t have you to bitch about it with whether it was the job or about the hubster and his cancer. I’m truly going to miss you all. Not the work, of course. But you all already know that. Doh.

Tish – let me know when you want to meet up to hand over those washcloths for Ascension Place, let’s hold off until February though as I’d like to get into a new routine in January that doesn’t include my former place of employment. Ahem.

Speaking of routines, the school semester starts Jan 12th and I start on the 14th. I’m so psyched. I’ve got three courses for the first semester and I know I could have done 4 but here’s the deal. I haven’t been to school for over 25 years where I took more than 3 credits (a night class here and there) and because I want to do well, I thought it best that I only do 8 credits the first semester and then pick up more during summer and next fall. Sort of easing my way into it, you know?

I’ve done a little knitting. The scarf below is from the One Skein book called Double Cable Scarf. The yarn is from a friend of mine who sent it to me as a gift (thank you, Marie!). It’s  Blue Sky Alpacas in the colorway Mediterranean, simply beautiful. It’s not blocked because I believe you can only truly block wool or wool blends, but I could be wrong. No matter, it hangs so well off my neck and it’s so soft and most importantly – warm. The pattern was a breeze to work up. Mine is short one cable row because I simply wasn’t paying attention, there should be 9 cable rows and I see only 8 on each end but it still fits. I had about 6 or 7 yards of yarn left over so apparently it’s good I shorted it. Um, I can also tell that the top part of the scarf below has cables that aren’t as perfect as I like them but I’m blaming that on knitting during happy hour. 🙂 A very well earned happy hour!

2 Cable Scarf

The hubster goes in for a CT scan on the 26th and then we get results on the 30th. Currently, he’s just plain tired all the time. and sneezes a LOT. We figure it’s the side affects of the medication. Instead of him just watching tv or sleeping I’ve suggested he think about doing car models again because there’s no law how long it should take him so he can just relax and make one. He’s very good at them. I almost have him convinced to buy a new one – maybe Santa will have to get over to the store and get one for him.

Oh. My. Gosh. We went bowling yesterday. Neither of us had bowled in over 10 years (that was painfully obvious while bowling as well as today with our bodies in all levels of aches and pains, in places we forgot could HAVE pain what wusses we are!). We went with a best friend of mine from high school. It was so freakin’ funny I can’t even explain it. I started out with a 14 pound ball because it fit my fingers. Well, I dang near broke the floor boards when I tossed it the first time because it was so heavy that instead of rolling down there it simply dropped! I switched to an 11 pound ball which my fingers didn’t fit as well but I at least wasn’t going to cause any damage.  To the floor boards anyway. None of us scored over 100, in fact, hubby won both games with something like a 67 for the first game and an 86 the second. I got a 51 the first game (wahoo) and I don’t quite recall the second but I think it was about 64 or 65. My friend had scores that were better than mine and boy did she have a wild technique! It was damn fun and that’s what we needed.

Afterwards, we met up with my friend’s husband at an Italian place near the bowling alley and three of us had the baked rigatoni and garlic bread and my friend’s hubby had pizza. We were there for 2 hours…great conversation and great food and great time.

Now? I need more ibuprofen because did you know that when you bowl with a ball that isn’t the right fit and you haven’t bowled for over 10 years that your right shoulder and your left butt cheek feels it the next day?? Oh. Well, MINE does.

Ciao, ya’ll.

2 Responses to "24 Years, 8 Months, 3 Days"

Cheers to old doors closing and new ones opening up. You are going to kick butt in school. Good idea to ease your way in with 8 credit sto start. We like to go bowling once in a while and totally stink at it too. It’s one of those games where you can stink and still have fun playing. Lovely scarf BTW.

Great scarf!

Good luck going back to school! I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas Patty!

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