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New Cut, New Color, New Year

Posted on: January 12, 2009

I colored my gray hair on New Year’s Eve and then had it cut on the 9th. She took nearly 5 inches off in some places (it’s now layered). Yowza. But I was ready for a change. I start school tomorrow so why not have a new cut / color to go along with the new year and new goals, right?

Anyhoo, below are the before / after shots. The after shot isn’t so great, sorry about that. I took it in the office and I should have gone into the bathroom like I did the before shot because the color IS the same, I promise. The office one I had to lighten up on paint shop because the whole thing came out so dark, that skews the hair color. Yada, yada yada…

Before the cutAfter the cut

I was awake at 6:30 this morning at which time it was snowing. It hasn’t stopped all day. Over on the cancer blog I mentioned some time ago that I was going to have to learn how to use the snow blower because the hubster shouldn’t be doing it anymore thanks to the cancer in his knee. I didn’t do it that time because he was stubborn (big surprise) and he shoveled, said we didn’t need to use the snow blower. However, today we WILL need to use it and in fact we will be starting the training in about 15 minutes. He wants to show me how to use it while it’s still light out. What a guy. 🙂

Oh, here’s the drawing I made to show you where the cancer has eaten away at the dude’s femur. Yeah. Kind of sucks. See the cancer site link on my sidebar for more info.


p.s. I made a neck warmer – no pattern, just cast on stitches and then did a knit 2, purl 2 for 4 rows, then switched to purl 2, knit 2 for 4 rows. Oh, also started out with ‘live’ stitches so I could do a 3 needle bind off (used a crochet cast on).



1 Response to "New Cut, New Color, New Year"

YOu hair looks awesome. I am so in need of a new haircut; tired of the same old thing. You’ll be Master of the Snow Blower in no time. Love that free style neckwarmer.

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