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Time Flies

Posted on: January 23, 2009

Wow, time has flown the last couple of weeks. We have an update on the cancer front (not so great, check the blog on the sidebar) and I started school and I’m playing on facebook with my cousins and all of this has taken up an amazing amount of time.

I started school on the 13th and was definitely nervous. I haven’t been in school for many, many years. Certainly not with 3 classes at the same time. I’m doing well and I’m having fun (fun!!! we like fun right now!!).

On Tuesday, 1/20, in the Legal Office Procedures class we each had to put on a presentation about a court system (we drew slips of paper the week before to find out which one you would get). I drew the US Supreme Court. Cool! I did my research, I practiced in the kitchen so that I could set the timer on the microwave (we had to limit it to 3-5 mins) and I had it down cold.

Then came class. Oh. My. God. These people (for the most part) are so YOUNG and I am so OLD. I’ll get into our differences later. For now, here’s what happened. I volunteered to do my presentation first. Remember I said I had it down cold? The instructor interrupted me 3 times because people were typing in class, sending info to the printer. She let them know that it was rude to do that and that they needed to pay attention. Plus there were a bunch of people going by in the hallway. So she was doing it for my benefit but I lost my friggin’ rhythm. I missed talking about a few really cool facts, I was just annoyed. She said I did great and the entire class clapped (I did a mini-curtsy).

That same night we had a quiz and I got all of the answers right (yay me!). But get this (I call this karma). One of the students who was rudely typing away while I was doing my presentation failed the quiz. I know this because she went up to the instructor and told her that, whereupon the instructor said not to worry as there are plenty more quizzes to take during the semester.

I know I’m older and maybe I’ve learned to pay attention but she is fresh out of high school, there were 10 questions and we reviewed everything just minutes before the test and she still failed it. Hmmm. Maybe in the future she should pay attention instead of typing emails or reviewing her cell phone calls during class.

On Wednesday I had two classes. One is Fundamentals of Business Computers (snore) and the other is Keyboarding. In the first class there were a few students who didn’t understand the process of submitting your homework online. The instructor didn’t have much success explaining it to them so when she left the room I started to help them. I am now best friends with Bethany, Shameka and Claire (not their real names, or are they?). Too damn funny.

In the Keyboarding class your final goal to pass the class is 45 words per minute in a 5 minute timed writing with 3 errors max. I’m currently doing about 65 words per minute in a 1 minute timing with 0 errors. I think I’ll do fine here. Probably helps that I don’t have long ass fingernails though. 🙂 I teased Bethany about that in the other class, she laughed.

To the Male Students:

You know, I realize that times change. I know that when I was in high school I wore some dorky clothes and all that but can I just ask a couple of questions? Why do you have to wear pants that go past your butt crack with the butt of your pants at the back of your knees? Do you have any idea how silly that looks? I’m seriously waiting to see you try to run…I hope I have my cell phone ready for the great picture I’ll get. And sell. 🙂

To the Female Students:

I apologize to you as I am clearly fashion challenged because apparently I should be wearing:

1. A hoodie with metallic decoration somewhere on it.

2. Jeans 2 sizes too small that show off certain body areas that are not meant to look like you aren’t WEARING any jeans not to mention any underwear.

3. Long (inch and a quarter, minimum) fingernails.

4. High heels (in winter, no less).

Gotta love going to school at 45 1/2 years of age! It’s so funny, I come home tired from being amused.

Well, I am going to go make myself a cocktail and relax with some knitting and maybe play some cribbage with the hubster. This weekend I need to review 44 vocabulary words for the Legal class (current subject in class is the State and Federal Court systems and the Constitution). I’m psyched, I’ve always been really good at vocab, the hubster stays it’s because I read so much. I’m inclined to agree.



2 Responses to "Time Flies"

Sounds like you are kicking butt in school! You go! I hear ya on the idiotic styles the yunguns are wearing today. Once I rolled down my car window and yelled at a boy wearing pants below the ass crack , “hey, your pants are falling down!” He seemed to have trouble walking because of his pants. Then I laughed my ass off.

Ha! You sound like me in class. I’m 30, but, jeesh, it seems like there’s GENERATIONS between me and the other 20-year-olds. My favorite line when they find out how old I am: “Wow, you don’t look THAT old.”

Umm, thanks?

I always complain about how the girls are forever showing off thongs when they sit down, and the boys wear clothes that are like 5 sizes too big so I see their boxers. Seriously, way too much underwear-flashing going on in class. If the boys and girls met in the middle (the girls go up a few sizes, the boys down a few), they’d actually have clothes that fit them.

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