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Once Again, Time Is Flying By

Posted on: February 5, 2009


The school I attend has an online listing of test results for each class you take. It lists how many students in a specific class received what percentage of correct answers on a given test. You only have access to this data if you are a student or instructor for the class. This is not available to Joe Public.

We took an open book test last week, Jan 28th, in the Fundamentals of Business Computers class  in which I received an A.  In total, there were 21 students who took the test. Here are the results.

A’s – 14 students (you had to score 90% – 100%)

B’s – 4 students (you had to score 80% – 89%)

C’s – 2 students (you had to score 70% – 79%)

D’s – 1 student (you had to score 60% – 69%)

I am concerned for the 3 students who received the C and D grades.  I wonder if they have reading problems or a language barrier.

This was an open book test with 50 questions on the first three chapters, the majority of which were multiple choice, there was also a diagram that you had to identify parts such as the monitor, the keyboard, etc.  The book is very explicit in the diagrams and the vocabulary words are bolded throughout the book.

The test results bother me because I don’t know if these three students have  problems and more importantly, whether or not the instructor is obligated to have a discussion with the students based on the fact it was open book so it should be easier to score high. Am I thinking about this wrong?  Am I thinking this way because I’m an older adult student? Could the students have scored low simply because they don’t care and they just want to ‘pass’ the class (if you recall,  I encountered a student who clearly felt he’s entitled to his paid for education by us the tax payers, and that he only needs a D to pass, yo).

I’m not going to let this bring me down, I hope they find the help they need if that’s the case. I think I’ll also talk to one of my best friends who just happens to be a teacher to get her input.


Not much happening there. Still working on a charcoal gray cardigan sweater I started in September. I’ll pick it up and do a few rows and then put it down and work on something else because there’s something stupid and annoying about it. The pattern is written so poorly that I had to re-write the darn thing just so I could knit it. I know, why did I decide to make it if it’s written so badly? Well, I bought the yarn based on just skimming the pattern in the magazine and I didn’t want to make a non-button’s sweater with it so I decided to suck it up.

At this point, I just have to finish the right front, block all the pieces and sew it up. Then add the edging to the neckline and the front. Then it’s done! I’d like to have it done by the time I go to Yarnover (knitting workshops and a market to buy yarny goodness that’s held in April in Minnesota and sponsored by the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild, of which I’m a member. I’d provide a link but it’s taking forever to load. Just google Yarnover Minnesota or Minnesota Knitters’ Guild and look for the info about it).

I know why it’s written poorly or at least I have a good guess. I learned long ago in one of my knitting workshops that sometimes magazine editors have to scale back on the amount of space they’re allowed for a given pattern in a magazine. Well, if you don’t know anything or very little about knitting and you decide to edit that pattern, errors will occur. I’ve sent emails to magazines about errors and I have yet to have one of them respond to me or follow up by publishing the errata (the corrections) on their sites. Hey, maybe it’s me! Haaa…I make me laugh.

I’m also working on two different sock patterns. They are good portable projects for school since I have travel time on the bus there and back and on Wednesday’s I have a 2 hour break between my two classes. Though yesterday I wandered about the campus to get an idea of what the other buildings were for and I found the library. It was sooooo nice and quiet.


Oh gosh. That darn Facebook is taking up too much of my time. I’m going to limit myself to a certain amount of time each week. Seriously, one could get sucked into being on it for hours. I know. I have. No wonder I’m not getting any knitting done.

Though there is a huge positive from being there. Not only have I hooked up with some former colleagues (who help keep me informed of what’s going on there with the recent layoffs) and am having goofy conversations with my young cousins but I found my step-sister! Is that a hoot or what? We didn’t have a falling out or anything, life just contributed to us drifting apart and living our separate lives and we live quite a distance apart. Now we can catch up and stay in touch and I’m just thrilled about that!

I’ve also found some of my knitter friends on there and I’m really enjoying it. But again, I MUST limit my time. Shoot, I just remembered. I owe one of my cousins a list of the Beatles albums I have (um, those are big round black discs that play music, I swear!) as he’s a Beatles fan and he just about went crazy when he heard I have a bunch of them. But I’ll do that tomorrow because today the hubster and I are going out to lunch about 2 hours from now and hopefully enjoy the weather at the same time. Yeah, there’s a rumor we’re going to be above 30 degrees tomorrow so that means the warming trend starts today. Finally.

On Monday this week I went to the outplacement services for a session and ran into 3 of my buddies (BW, KC and DB) who were also attending. That was so exciting for me, I didn’t know when I’d see them again so this was a wonderful surprise. We all went out to lunch afterwards at The Good Earth and two hours went flying by, we had that much fun. We’re going to start meeting regularly for lunch. We have lots of wonderful money making ideas so we’re going to pool our creativity and intelligence. Since KC doesn’t want to work outside the home anymore and I’d rather not also, I think there’s lots of incentive to hook up. Too bad we can’t have our next meeting in Hawaii where BW is headed on Saturday. Maybe we can try to fit in the suitcases??

Well, that’s all for today. Enjoy the sunshine – if you have it – I know I will be today and the next couple as it’s going to be over 30 degrees!

p.s. If I owe you an email, please be patient (and blame it on Facebook), I’ll get back to you this week, I promise.

p.p.s. On Saturday, the hubster’s birthday, I had another 3 or 4 inches cut off, it’s a flippy do. My neck is naked. Brrrr. But it feels so good to have a ‘style’ again instead of just blah. My line of thinking was that even if I didn’t like the new ‘do’ it will grow back. But I like it so it’s all good.


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