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Blocking Won’t Help

Posted on: February 19, 2009

Phooey. I just spent more than an hour laying out the pieces of a sweater I’ve been working on (here and there) since September. I was so psyched thinking I could get it blocked before Saturday’s stitch & whine and then could stitch it up at the party. After that it would be just the trim for the neck and front.

Nope. Not going to happen. Apparently, I used a different size needle when I made the left and right fronts because the side seams for each are close to one and three quarters of an inch longer than the seam length for the back piece. Not only that but the depth of each armhole is too long as well and the sleeve would never fit as is. The back and the sleeves themselves are just fine, completely in proportion to each other but the rest isn’t. If it were only a matter of an inch I could probably figure out a way to make it work but not when it’s closer to 2 inches. So that means I need to rip out the two front pieces AGAIN (this will be the third time for one and second for the other due to the sh***y pattern instructions) and redo them. But I’ll have to make sure I keep an eye on the back seam so it doesn’t end up too long again. I have no desire to do this right now so instead I think I’ll pick up Mr. Greenjeans again.

In other knitting news, I’ve finished one sock using some cool yarn from Germany I received in a swap and am on the heel flap for the second sock. It’s a striping yarn and I’m shocked but I think they’ll be nearly identical, maybe one knit row off at most. I didn’t even try very hard to match them but it’s really interesting to see how closely matched they are so far. The yarn is gray/charcoal/black/cream. When I finish these socks I’m going to finish the second sock for the single sock syndrome swap I particpated in late last year. It’s a really pretty yarn and pattern and I want to wear them so I need to make the second one.

I just spent about 15 minutes checking posts and my pictures on flickr and I’m embarassed to say that I never blogged or uploaded pictures for the single sock syndrome swap. I did thank the woman via email who sent me the sock as well as this beautiful velvet bag but to not post? I’ll definitely get the pictures out here tomorrow. Bummer. I usually am on top of things like that so this is suprising. Well, maybe not. Life’s been a real trip the last 6 months so if that’s the only thing I forgot to do, I think I can be forgiven.

Okay, off to get Mr. Greenjeans out of the closet.


1 Response to "Blocking Won’t Help"

That sucks! This is another reason why I like to knit only seamless sweaters. Plus I don’t like seaming. Mr.Greenjeans sounds like the answer.

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