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He Fainted, Right Behind Me

Posted on: March 3, 2009

That was scary. More for him, I’m sure, once he becomes aware of the fact he fainted. Or had a seizure.

I was walking from the ladies room to a table near the window on the 3rd floor of the school. I had just passed the water fountain, noticing a young kid (20’s, maybe younger) filling his plastic bottle with water. I had no sooner passed him when I heard a grunt and thud.

I looked back (he was only about 2 feet behind me when this happened) and he was flat on his face, not moving. Another student walked over to where we were standing and at the same time, we were asking him if he was hurt, does he need help, can he sit up. He was out for about 5 seconds. Doesn’t sound like long but it felt like it was about 5 minutes. Another student came over and asked if he should call 911 – I said that I think the school has its own security and we need to go that route first. So this man went to the computer lab and asked an employee to get security. The poor kid was just sweating bullets, still seemed dizzy (we didn’t let him stand up, kept him sitting next to a pillar),  and asking for water. The EMT’s came and took him to the hospital. He really couldn’t talk very well, seemed very, very out of it. I feel so bad for him – imagine fainting right out of the blue?? Wow.

In other news, Mr. Greenjeans should be done by the end of this coming weekend. Only need to finish the sleeves – wahoo!


1 Response to "He Fainted, Right Behind Me"

GAH, I thought you were talking about TB and my heart dropped.

During my last weeks in basic training, we were sent to help ‘babysit’ a group of newbies. I was to help them organize their dorm rooms and show them how to make their beds properly. The bay where the girls were staying was just a whole bunch of beds and bunk beds in two rows. I’m helping this one girl, kneeling by the foot of her bed and showing her how to do a hospital corner, when I hear someone call my name.

I knew right away that something was wrong. Her voice was so full of panic. So, I look up and, OMFG, there’s this girl halfway down the bay holding a girl who is the middle of a grand mal seizure. Somehow, and I still don’t know how, I managed to jump over the bed, push 6 beds out of the way, grab this seizing girl, and lay her down on the floor with her head on my knees.

It was horrible. The other girls were crying and scared and here I was trying to keep my shit together for this poor girl who had pee’d herself, had snot coming out of her mouth, and was passed out cold on my lap making these horrible gurgling noises.

There was no instructor in the bay, so I sent a girl to call for help through the intercom. The girl presses the button, an instructor answers, and she actually STANDS AT ATTENTION in front of the intercom (there’s no camera, duh), gives a reporting statement, and tells him what just happened. I was so pissed.

Anyways, the girl ended up in the hospital for a week and was eventually sent back home. I guess she had had seizures as a baby or something like that.

And, that’s my scary people-passing-out story.

Hope all is well. Hey, just a heads up, but I’ll be in Minneapolis the last week of May/first week of June. Alan and I will be driving the car there before I head out to training this summer. The plan is for me to spend a week there. Anyways, just something to keep in mind. If possible, I’d love to get together again!

– me.

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