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Two More Tote Bags

Posted on: March 29, 2009

Yes. Two more quilted tote bags – hey, I’m going nuts waiting on a yarn order so I had to do SOMETHING creative.

I had a birthday party to go to last Sunday and the purple bag below was her gift. The pink tote bag will go to another cousin of mine when I see her next. To see any of the pictures larger, just click on it and you’ll be brought right into flickr.

The bags were challenges in that I didn’t have a pattern other than the 5″ square template for the small squares. I made some changes in the purple and pink bags that weren’t in the green one: flat bottoms and tab closures (though the purple one I didn’t have the raw edges of the tabs in the bag seam as I thought to add it afterwards, the pink one had them as part of the whole bag).

For the pink bag I wanted a bigger template than the 5×5 squares I used on the green and purple totes. The hubby was a bit perplexed when he saw me taking apart a picture frame, but after explaining what I was doing he agreed that using the glass for a template was a great idea. Go me!

I should be getting my yarn this week so I can start the sweater in The Best of Lopi. I originally was going to make it in the green/black/white combo as the picture shows but changed my mind. Now it will be light hyacinth/black/white.

Well, I have some legal vocab to study so I’m signing off. Enjoy your day, ya’ll.

Purple Tote Bag I Made For Gift

Purple Tote Bag I Made For Gift

Pink Cat Bag - Tote Bag #3

Pink Cat Bag - Tote Bag #3, Side View

Pink Cat Bag - Tote Bag #3, Tab Closure


2 Responses to "Two More Tote Bags"

Very cute! I like how you intentionally made the button the cat’s head. 🙂

you are sooooooooooooo talented

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