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Yarnover – Minnesota Knitters’ Guild Event

Posted on: April 18, 2009

I attended Yarnover today and took two workshops. One was Seven Things That Make or Break a Sweater with Margaret Fisher and Reversible Cables with Lily Chin. I’ve taken workshops with Margaret before and she’s a good instructor (I recommend this workshop with Margaret, very informative and helpful information), this was  my first one with Lily. Not sure what to say about Lily except she’s, I don’t know, very boisterous? It felt like she was in selling mode, her pitch and loudness of her voice, just made me think of a late night QVC program.

Also, it occurred to me in the workshop that I seem to have taken a workshop that included reversible cables with Melissa Leapman (favorite instructor) though Melissa was much more detailed and had more knitting samples / examples. Lily said that she invented the technique she taught us today and that was back in 1989. I’m still a little confused about that so I need to go through my information from Melissa because I want to see if Melissa attributed any part of what she taught us to Lily. Or maybe I’m mistaken about Melissa having reversible cables as part of one of her workshops.

At any rate, the point I’m trying to make is that I wasn’t particularly impressed with Lily. So many people are literally gah-gah over her. I thought she was nice, maybe somewhat unique, but frankly? Nothing super special. Certainly not what I thought she would be based on the hoopla I hear when people refer to her. That will probably get me into a lot of trouble with those who think otherwise but that’s the point of my blog…it’s my blog, I can say what I want. So she used a laptop to draw charts via paint box, so she told slightly racy jokes, so what. I don’t think what I learned was worth paying for the workshop but you live and learn.

What I did find worth paying for was yarn. I know, I know, I wasn’t going to buy anything but I’m unable to go to Stitches in California this year nor do I get to go to Stitches in Illinois, the whole not working thing has had an impact on that. So what the heck, besides, I only spent $77!

I purchased from Sheperd’s Choice:

2 skeins Blue Sky, Skinny Organic

100% Color Grown Cotton, 150 yards each, in a beige/natural (color # 30)

$9.70 each, $19.40 total

2 skeins Blue Sky, Suri Merino

60% Baby Suri/40% Merino, 164 yards each: in a beautiful pale green (color #417)

$16.20 each, $32.40 total

1 skein Pagewood Farm, Hand Dyed Sock Yarn

80% Merino Superwash, 20% Nylon, 450 yards, semi-solid shade called Denim


I purchased from Three Kitten’s Needle Arts:

7 skeins Louisa Harding, Mariposa

52% Viscose, 48% Cotton, 69 yards

2 skeins in a silvery blue with pink and white accents (color #02), $1 each, total $2!

2 skeins in a deep pink/purple with dark fuscia and orange accents (color #05), $1 each, total $2!

3 skeins in a dark gray with olive and gold accents (color #10), $1 each, total $3!

All in all it was a fun day, I went there with a former co-worker who updated me on what’s been happening at work for her (she and I worked together in numerous roles over the years) so it was a great time catching up.

Tomorrow I’ll be volunteering again at the MOA at the Race For The Cure kiosk for a few hours, then it’s home for homework and I’m challenging myself to organize all of my yarn. It’s only in two places – believe it or not! – so it shouldn’t be that time-consuming but I need to know what I have and see if there’s anything I’d like to sell. Hmmm. Maybe I should have another contest on my blog, it’s been a while and since you know I have good yarn…yeah, that’s the ticket. I shall have a contest, watch for details this coming week.


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