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Pooping Bison

Posted on: May 6, 2009

You think I jest?? Alas, I do not. Last Saturday the hubster and I drove to a great little restaurant / cafe in Center City called Eichten’s. They sell and serve bison products (raised on their farm) and incredible cheeses. I had the bison burger with Tilsit cheese and the hubster had half a hoagie and the bison chili. Afterwards, we drove behind the property to see the bison. I had noticed some babies in the field so thought it would be cute to get a picture or two. Yeah, right.

I made numerous attempts to get a picture of a bison, baby or adult. Not meant to be, my friends. I kid you not, every single solitary time I raised the camera to take the shot the bison would stand up, raise his/her tail and poop. Big, huge, stinking (I’m assuming this), pile of poop. I tried no less than four times with four different bison. Same results. On the last one I finally looked at it and “Hey, just so you know, I just ATE one of your family so you can kiss my butt.” He then proceeded to do what? Yep, double-poopo. Nothing cute about that.

At the end of this post are three photos, in order of the above described event with one of the bison. I’m sparing you the picture of the, um, end results. No one needs to see that. Believe me, I wish I hadn’t.

From the cafe we headed east a bit to the Interstate State Park and traipsed around for about an hour. I could have gone longer but the hubster needs to take it easy on the leg. It was a really nice time, not too busy or crowded. Surprising, actually for a Saturday. But it is early in the year yet. Then we crossed over into Wisconsin and headed south to Hudson whereupon we went east again (rather than west towards Minnesota and then home) to a place to buy fireworks. After we purchased our goodies the hubster and the owner were chatting about what we’d been doing that day, hubster told him that it was my birthday and we were just taking it easy and enjoying ourselves. He wished me a happy birthday and we left. Just before I shut my truck door the owner came back out with a box shaped goodie (about 4 inches wide, 5 inches tall, 4 inches deep) and said I had to have a gift, I thanked him, shut the door and looked it over. It’s a firework called Super Stallion – and it says Shoots Flaming Balls, 16 Shots! I just about guffawed because after experiencing the bison pooping this was the cherry on the sundae.

Need to get ready for school, I have a final today at 1pm in one of my three courses, had the last test in one of the others last night and the last final will be next Tuesday night. Then I’m on break until the first week in June when I will start summer semester which is only seven weeks rather than 16 weeks (eek!!), I’m taking Human Biology and Written Business Communications. I can see I’ll be very busy this summer!

Happy day, ya’ll.

The bison has seen the humans

Bison 1 - Bison has seen us

The bison gives us a dirty look, begins raising his tail

Bison 2 - Bison is starting raise his tail

He looks away, raises his tail completely and plop…

Bison 3 - Bison has tail raised completely and proceeds to take a dump

2 Responses to "Pooping Bison"

Yeah, well bison are like that. 🙂

lol, this whole blog entry just makes me smile!

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