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Coastering Along

Posted on: May 15, 2009

Okay, I know coastering isn’t a word but you read the title and now you’re here to read what I’m talking about. Gotcha.

It’s always hard to figure out what to give my mom for Mother’s Day. She and her husband pretty much get what they want when they want or need it. Leaving the rest of us to be creative. So I decided to make coasters for her with the leftover Hawaiian material I received earlier this year. I forgot to take pictures, sorry, but at my bag post here you’ll see the fabric  I used. They were just basic 5″ squares which I ironed interfacing on each side, sewed them right sides together, turned them right side out, and added decorative stitching for the borders. I re-discovered (yeah, I had forgotten, silly me) that my sewing machine had decorative stitching options, what a hoot! They turned out quite nice and mom was very pleased.

What else is going on – oh, I know. Two days ago I took my last final and based on how that one went for me, I am now 100% sure that in all three classes I took that I have A’s (98% or better out of all possible points in each). Go me!!! I have two weeks off and then will be back at it from June 1 – July 25. I’m taking Human Biology and Written Business Communications. I think they’ll be more challenging but I’m up for it. The cool thing is that I bought a laptop that is strictly for school, no picture loading or storing, no games, just the basics (ACER – Aspire 5515, $399 and I love it!) and this will enable me to be outside in the back covered patio area to do work rather than be stuck in the dungeon basement office on the desktop. Then come fall I’m signed up for two medical courses and one other, I don’t recall its name right now. No matter, I’m on a roll and I like it.

Right now though, I’m going to read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee. This afternoon we’re going to pick up some plants for the deck. I need to see some color and the lilacs only last for so long, plus I’m itching to get my fingers in the dirt. 🙂

p.s. Will someone please come here and make those two big black birds that are making a racket go away? It’s so much more peaceful when they’re quiet…


2 Responses to "Coastering Along"

Congrats on the Report Card! Do you get a $1 for every A? What did you get for Naptime and Plays Well WIth Others? I always did poorly in those.

Heeee!! I got animal crackers for being good at naptime (I like me a good nap…heading for one shortly, you think I jest?) and a great big gold star for playing well with others. I take it you were a disruptor? Hmmm….must have some stories there.

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