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Posted on: May 19, 2009

Um, whoever ordered the friggin’ 95 degrees for us? TAKE IT BACK. Nuff said. Because of the heat, this is a short but oh so silly post.


Nada. I started a baby sweater, started a scarf, started a sock. Ripped everything out. For some reason knitting is not appealing to me right now. I wonder if it’s because I’m sew so enjoying my new sewing table and my sewing projects.


I made another bag, this one in lime green/light blue paisley and a darker green contrasting semi-solid color. Forgot to take a picture but I’ll do that after my camera finishes charging.  This is bag number seven, I think.  I’ll also be starting a new project later this week but not a bag. I picked up a pattern and fabric the other day to make a bolero/shrug for a sleeveless dress I’ll be wearing in June (to my step-daughter’s wedding). No one sees these upper arms neked…except the hubster.


Passed all three courses with A’s. I may have mentioned that already but here’s even better news. Minnesota has a program that unemployed individuals can sign up for to request tuition assistance. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration and only so much money allotted. If you’re part of a mass layoff, such as myself, the amount you qualify for is based on your former employer’s contribution to the program. (For those who are not part of a mass layoff, I believe they qualify for what my counselor referred to as ‘federal’ money.) In my case, my former employer has allotted $2,500 per individual they laid off for tuition assistance. Now, not everyone utilizes this money because they either go right out and get another job, they choose not to get training or they simply don’t know about it or some other reason. So not all of the $2,500 allotments would get used. Who cares? I do. I was able to state my case well enough in the interview that they are authorizing $3,000 in tuition coverage for me instead of the $2,500 which means a portion of someone else’s allotment went to me (thank you!). That won’t cover all of my remaining costs but it will cover this fall’s term and almost all of next spring’s term for school (I paid for the spring semester just past and summer) and I need to buy books. But I have to say, I am eternally grateful for this windfall. Now we just have to figure out how we’ll pay for ‘life’ starting in January so I can continue to GO to school.


Not a true meme as all you have to do is take a picture of yourself as you are right now, no primping or fixing your hair, etc. My friend Kim has this on her blog (which, by the way…where are you Kim???) and I thought after planting flowers today in the heat and then taking a nap, I’m all for a sloppy picture taking session. Feel free to participate on your own blog.

Here’s my photo (interesting how my hair color matches the cupboards, need to fix that – my hair, that is):

For a Meme

Here’s a funny picture for you before I go find a gallon of water to chug down, I wound up yarn the other day (Blue Sky Alpacas – Suri Merino) and it developed a big case of static cling. Well, *I* think it’s funny anyway.

Yarn Cake Static Cling


2 Responses to "95 DEGREES???"

I’ll galdly take about 10 degrees off your hands, then we can both have around 85 degrees. Congrats on the tuition assist. In spite of the layoff, sounds like your ex-employer was a decent company.

BTW there’s just a hint of nekkid shoulder in that photo of you, and I love the yarn pic. It’s Alive, It/s Allive!

It’s been so cold here (for May) that I’ll gladly take a bit of heat. Sorry I ‘ve been AWOL lately. Just busy knitting & living. Your hair does match the cabinets! Funny!
Congrats on kicking butt in school! Weee!

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