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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Posted on: June 7, 2009

Sorry, I’m not referring to a contest. I’m referring to a friend of mine who is going to officer’s training for the next three months. She told me that no matter how hard it gets you just have to keep your eye on the prize. Who is she? Well, she is Sharon. Sharon and I were pals for a secret pal swap a number of years ago, she sent me the coolest knitting stuff, yarn, supplies and even a tiny stuffed llama that sits on my dresser still today. Anyway, while she was here in the Twin Cities this past week before heading off to training, she and I spent some time together.

Can you say “another strawberry margarita, please”? I had never had a fresh strawberry margarita before, only the kind with the mix. Never again!! She knows how to make them and she showed me how. We spent about an hour and a half on the back patio area chatting and knitting and drinking until we agreed we should start the grill. So we ate some grilled salsa marinated chicken breasts (marinated in my own salsa, thank you very much) and some pasta salad along with another margarita (not to worry, she wasn’t driving – her boyfriend, Alan, dropped her off and was going to come back to pick her up later in the evening, bless his heart). Before I forget to mention this, she brought me a present! All the way from Brooklyn (see pictures below). The yarn is absolutely beautiful and I’m going to make a scarf/shawl out of it called Ishbel.  Sharon made the same one and I just have to make it with this yarn, the muted tones will be perfect for the pattern. She had hers with her and I can tell you straight up -it’s gorgeous! You know, I totally didn’t expect a gift but funny enough I had been trying to come up with something myself to give her but I never came up with a good idea. So instead I fed her. She seemed pleased so I’ll give myself a gold star. Anyway, we shared stories and had a super time. Then Alan came to pick her up and I was left the remainder of the pitcher of margaritas. Which I didn’t drink. I think.

I met Sharon, live and in person, for the first time last fall when she and Alan and their adorable little Bean came here. The hubster and I and the three of them met up for lunch (Alan has contacts in the restaurant biz so we had an incredible lunch and really great seating at the restaurant, he’s also a band member in the James Apollo band). The Bean, being only a few months old, slept soundly throughout which I thought amazing as the the place was rather loud. I remember thinking when I met Sharon that day that she was so petite (grrrr…) and how in the world did she have that gorgeous little big ball of a baby?

Okay, I need to sign off. My other unemployed friends are coming over for lunch tomorrow (we get together about every two weeks), I’m serving turkey pesto burgers and veggie kabobs, B is bringing wine, D is bringing dessert and K is bringing her lovely self. I need to get some things tidied up before going to bed.

As promised, here is the yarny goodness from Brooklyn! Specifically, from the Brooklyn General Store. Details below. The picture of the cake shows a better representation of the colorway than the picture of the skein, the skein appears to be much bluer than it is, it’s definitely purple. I can’t wait to get started on this. Thank you, Sharon, for a lovely gift and the gift of your time. I know how limited it was while you were here so I truly appreciate it. 🙂

Brooklyn Handspun Yarn

Brooklyn Handspun Yarn - All Wound Up


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Hey hun it’s Shannon! It’s been forever and a day since I’ve been blogging. Miss my blogging friends. Hope all is well!

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