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Up North & Other Stuff

Posted on: August 16, 2009

Gosh, where do I start? I know, UP NORTH!

Note – very long and photo intensive post. You can bypass clicking on the photos to make them larger as you go through the post by clicking on this link to the whole collection of the vacation photos. Once there you can choose which set or place we visited to look at. At each picture you’ll see an option called ‘all sizes’. Click there to see larger. Except for a couple of pictures in this post, they’re all pretty small to save space.

The North Shore

Love him but he drives like he’s an old man. He’s only 56 but his thought is, why get there so fast? Let’s take Hwy 61 once we get to Taylors Falls and avoid the freeway. I agree, thinking it would only add maybe a half hour to our first destination in Two Harbors. Baaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!! I was sooooo wrong. I won’t even tell you how long it took, it’s too painful. So we’ll just jump to the first place we stayed, shall we?

First stop is the Superior Shores Resort located on a great little pebble beach (read: no sand, just pebbles of all different sizes). They have a restaurant on site called Kamloops that we ate dinner at both nights. One of the nights the hubster left his cap at the table, when I went to retrieve it the waiter asked if we should place it on the bear that stands by the register and I can take a picture of it – perfect! (The sign says welcome on one side and go away on the other, as they were closing for the night it said go away.)

Two Harbors 2

There is a really neat area leading to the beach on the property where they have a large collection of decorated rocks. From what we could tell it was people noting events such as a wedding (in fact, look for the rock dated August 1, 2009, near the middle of the picture). We forgot to do this. But I did do some graffiti in Lutsen later in the trip, so not all was lost.

Two Harbors 3

Below are pictures of the shore, a couple of the lighthouse/harbor we visited, the hubster and a out of focus shot of moi.

Two Harbors 4

Except for the little bit of sand you see at the front of the picture below, the shore is all pebbles. Very challenging to walk on!
Two Harbors 5

Cool driftwood:
Two Harbors 6

View of lighthouse from shore
Two Harbors 12

Two Harbors 13

Funky thing on the walkway to the lighthouse
Two Harbors 11

Warning Will Robinson!

Two Harbors 10

Two Harbors 1

Me, playing with the camera. It’s clearly blurry, I know. Ever do one of those art assignments in school where you find a full on shot of someone in a magazine, cut it right down the middle, then you have to draw the other half? I do. But here I just screwed up. 🙂

Two Harbors 8

Silver  Bay

Or Sliver Bay as the hubster calls it. Quite a different and unique place to visit. Known for its taconite industry, they even have their own mascot Rocky Taconite.

The first picture is the hubster posing with Rocky – too bad he didn’t have a pick axe at the time, could have mimicked Rocky. The second picture is just Rocky and then the plaque about Rocky and taconite.

Silver Bay  - Rocky Taconite & Hubster

Silver Bay  - Rocky Taconite

If you want to read the plaque you’ll definitely have to click it to get the biggest picture.

Silver Bay  - Rocky Taconite

Moon shot at the place we stayed for one night, then up to Grand Marais!

Silver Bay - Moon on Lake Superior

Gooseberry Falls

We stopped at Gooseberry Falls on the way to Grand Marais. More photos at flickr if you’re interested. Water is a tad low this year but it was still pretty to see. The hubster sat on a bench and waited for me, unfortunately he didn’t have the energy to walk that far.

Gooseberry Falls

I thought these tree roots were crazy!

Gooseberry Falls

Grand Marais

What a pretty place – I could stay there forever. Seriously – 71 degree average in August??? With a breeze??? Right up my alley. I took a number of walk abouts into town by myself so the hubster could nap or hang out in his chair, he just didn’t have the energy to go with me. No problem, I know how to shop spend money tour on my own. We were in GM for two nights so I had plenty of time to roam around. I found a couple of t-shirts, some awesome fudge, a neat gift for my friend Sharon (she’s going to need this after her officer’s training is done) and a totally cool wall plaque made from slate. I hung out at the harbor and did some knitting, reading and walking. Much enjoyment was had even by the napping dude.

You’ll definitely have to click on this one to appreciate its beauty. Also, there’s a label on the back of it that describes it and the artist. That’s at my flickr account here. The plaque is about 24″ high x 8″ wide.

Plaque purchased in Grand Marais

Grand Marais 7

Grand Marais 5

The hubster soaking up the sunshine but behind the truck so not affected by my desired breeze.

Grand Marais 8

Awesome moon shot over Lake Superior (if I do say so myself). I wasn’t able to get it reflected on the lake, too many buildings in the way.

Grand Marais 2

Naptime for the dude:

Grand Marais 1

Lutsen / Schroeder

On the way down from Grand Marais to Schroeder, where we thought would be our last place to stay for our vacation, we stopped at a couple of hysterical historical markers and relaxed, and took a tram or gondola ride in Lutsen. We also had lunch on the deck outside – this tram was a riot, old, crickety, built only for two normal sized adults. Yes, I did scratch our name inside a heart on the observation deck with my snip-scissors but since the rest of the world has done it as well, no harm, no foul.

Here’s a shot of Lake Superior from the top of the summit at Lutsen, mind you this is just a miniscule part of its shoreline. LS really, truly does look like an ocean. Heck, it’s darn near big enough to be one and half the time you can’t see over to Wisconsin.

Remember the song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald? This ocean lake is where it happened, folks. Link to the lyrics if you’re so inclined to read them, I tear up everytime I hear the song. There a lot of stories about LS and you can google or bing Duluth or Lake Superior to read about them. It’s a fascinating lake.

Lutsen 3

I literally hung the camera out of the gondola window & hoped for the best, not bad, eh?

Note the birch trees, many are damaged due to an ice storm last year.

Lutsen - view from gondola

Lutsen - view from gondola

My grafitti on the observation deck:

Lutsen  - observation deck

Fog in Schroeder at Superior Ridge Resorts

Superior Ridge Resort

The hubster in shadow standing in one of the buildings under construction where we stayed. We had fog one entire day of the two we were there but we loved it – so quiet. Not even birds! Also, neither of ever saw a squirrel the entire time we were there. Odd, eh?

Superior Ridge Resort (new construction)

From Schroeder we headed to Two Harbors for lunch and then planned to head back home. However, on the way I called one of my best friends who just happens to own a little place on Park Point in Duluth (you have to cross the lift bridge to get there) to see if she had come up from the cities or not. Turns out she had so we decided to visit and stay over on Sunday night.

We had so much fun and relaxed so well we just couldn’t leave on Monday so we stayed another night. Oh, before heading for Two Harbors we stopped at the Temperance River. You can click here for those pictures. Below are a few of the pictures from our visit with the best hippie chick on Park Point. Said hippie chick and I have been friends since about 1978 or 1979.

Duluth - Best Hippie Chick on the Point

You should know who this is by now.

Duluth - The Hubster

Sunset on the bay side of Park Point

Duluth - Bay Side on Park Point

The Egyptian Hippie Chick

Duluth - Hippie Chick as an Egyptian


Yes. It’s back. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF! I think I had lost temporarily it due to school, cancer stress and all the other goodies crap that happened this summer. But I was looking at the Fall Interweave Knits magazine before we left for vacation and saw a pretty tunic pattern. I knew I wouldn’t make the tunic, would only make me look preggers. But I loved the lace pattern down the center of it.

I am simply knitting the lace pattern as noted in the magazine with 5 seed stitches on either side and a few rows of seed stitch will be at each end. Mind you the photos are NOT blocked and please do not condemn Midwest Knit Girl for sloppy lace knitting as this is actually my first lace project where I’ve done more than 20 rows of knitting without giving up. I knew this had to be the right thing to make because I even laminated the chart (after blowing it up in size on the printer)! I’ve completed about 24 inches of it, unstretched.


Close up - unblocked scarf

Buy One Get One Free (aka BOGO)

You’ve all heard or seen that phrase, right? To me that says if you pay $30 for the first item you get a second item that is equal to or of lesser value for $0 (that’s zero dollars). Try getting this to work with buying new glasses. I went to a well known optical place this past week for an exam and then went back a couple of days later to pick out frames. I was hoping to get someone to go with me to pick them out because I can’t see anything in focus without my glasses if it’s further away then about 3 inches. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sucker con persuade get anyone to go with me – hey, they work, I don’t. I forgive them.

So I decide to be a grown up and do this all by myself. Things seem to be going well, the woman said if you buy one pair of glasses at regular price the second pair is completely free. I figure hey, why not get prescription sunglasses as the second pair? Then I wouldn’t have to wear the little clippy things on my regular glasses. (BTW, I can’t do contacts – though I could when I was younger and loved them – because I need a prism in my lens to help my eyes balance, can’t put a prism in contacts nor can you get bi-focals which I am now cursed blessed with).

I pick out frames for my regular glasses and find a pair for the sunnies. She calculates the price and here’s what the total is = $685 for both pair OR $421 for just (JUST?) the regular pair. How is this BOGO, I ask. Well, it’s not exactly that because you can’t apply your insurance to one pair so you have pay full price for one of the frames as well as full price for the lenses. Huh. Not going to happen. So I said I would only do the regular pair. Well, have I told you about the credit card offer we have, 6 months no payments, no interest? I start to laugh – no offense, miss, but I’m unemployed and my husband is also unemployed, not to mention he’s on permanent disability. Credit card? Not a good risk. Doh. (The ‘Doh’ was to myself. I think.)

BOGO my butt.

Okay, that’s enough for a while. If you made to the end, I applaud you!! And thank you from the bottom of my gray roots.



3 Responses to "Up North & Other Stuff"

Looks like a wonderful trip. The hubster looks good, and that shot of half of your face looks 100% beautiful to me.

Thanks Kitten. 🙂

I read your post yesterday at work, but all the pics were hidden due to firewalls. Just been back to take a look the trip looks amazing. The places you visited (from the pics at least) look beautiful. Sounds like you both had an amazing time.
Thank you so much for the postcards.
They were such a lovely surprise and a real treat.
Hugs, Cinta

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