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School Starts Today

Posted on: August 24, 2009


You know you’re a dork as an adult when you’re excited to start school. Even more excited to buy your school supplies! And you’re not even a teacher, you’re a student.

Today is my first day of school for fall semester. I’m enrolled in three courses – Medical Office Procedures, Medical Terminology & Disease I, Word 2007. I’ve got all my books, I’ve got my bus schedule figured out for each day and I have a Go To College bus pass. Talk about the deal of the century. It’s $84 for 5 months (today through Dec 31) for public transportation. You can take the bus, the light rail, doesn’t matter. There’s no limit on how many rides you take. It’s almost better than my school supplies because I can use it to go to the mall for shopping (shhh….) or to the library to study. But I’m sure I’ll be doing more studying than shopping. 😉

I can already tell that the medical terminology course will be a great challenge and not just for the course itself. I’ll probably lose weight just carrying the book – it weighs 6# 6 oz. Isn’t that the size of a baby?? Hey, I just realized that it weighs the same as my laptop so I COULD lose weight or at least create muscles with one in each hand. The book has 1030 pages and is larger than a normal sized book, probably 10 x 11. Yikes.


We had a family event this weekend at my mom’s. Her husband’s birthday was last week and so it was an awesome reason for everyone to get together. It had been a long time since I’d seen many of my cousins (seeing their updates on facebook isn’t quite the same as seeing them, you know, tough to hug an image online) and aunts and uncles. I hadn’t even seen my little brother since Mother’s Day or my sister for that matter. Oh, my godchild was there too and I hadn’t seen her in 3 years. She’s so grown up now being all of 20 years old…when did that happen?? Who said she could grow up? Stop the madness!

We also have a new baby in the family (congratulations to J&J!), well, not until next February but that means I get to knit little somethings for a baby. Or a lot of little somethings. Just think, sockies, blankets, hats, sweaters, oh the possibilities are endless. And they’re perfect travel-to-school projects, yes?


The hubster is hanging in there, going to see the oncologist on Wed this week. I can’t be there as I have school but I’ll update the cancer blog once we know what’s going to happen moving forward. For now, he’s doing okay.

p.s. I owe e-mails to a few people and I’ll get to that this week, I promise. 🙂


1 Response to "School Starts Today"

Geez, that’s a JUGE book. Mom worked in a medical office in the 60s and I helped her study terminology, but I don’t remeber a book that large. After a few months with the book in one hand, laptop inthe other, I hope your sleeves aren’t too short!

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