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I Couldn’t Help Myself!

Posted on: January 22, 2010

I was out perusing Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop and I bought some fabric. Oops. My debit card jumped right out of my wallet and into my hands, whereupon my fingers flew across the keyboard and next thing you know?? I have an order confirmation in my email for a charm square pack, a layer cake and a jelly roll, all of Moda fabric, called Swanky. Is that a cool name or what?

Here’s what I bought – note that I’ve included the links to the quilt shop since the colors will show differently in my pictures vs what’s at the site, I shouldn’t have used a green background – they would have popped better in terms of color if I had used a cream background. The main color is a deep pink / coral and no black. I think that’s what I like about it, much more subtle and not so ‘in your face’.

By the way, I have no idea what type of quilt I’ll make or even when I’ll make it, I just knew I had to grab these or I’d regret it. 🙂

A pack of 33 charm squares (5″ square each), Charm Squares.

Charm Squares - Swanky by Moda

Charm Squares - Swanky by Moda

A layer cake of 40 – 10″ squares: Layer Cake

Layer Cake - Swanky by Moda

Layer Cake - Swanky by Moda

I also purchased the jelly roll which is 40 strips that are 2.5 x 44 inches. But I didn’t take a picture of mine, enjoy this picture from the shop instead: Jelly Roll.

You’ll notice there is a lot of deep pink / coral in the fabric, makes me think of summertime.

Um, when is that again?


3 Responses to "I Couldn’t Help Myself!"

Those are great fabrics. These colors and patterns are perfect for you – they sybolize growth, energy, vibrancy, and a softness but enduring strength of nature.

Hey KWAW – what a cool thing to say. 🙂

Somehow you seem to leave a comment on days that I really need to hear something uplifting – and you didn’t even know I needed it. I don’t know why it works that way with you, but it does.

Sending cyberthanks and hugs your way,


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