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Posted on: June 17, 2010

One of my very best friends lost her younger son unexpectedly this past Sunday. The wake is today and the funeral tomorrow. This should not have happened, children aren’t supposed to die before their parents. It just feels so damn surreal. He was only 17.

I’m staying here at my friend’s house with her and her family until she’s okay with me leaving, and I’ve said it before over the past few days in various conversations, and I’m sure I’ll say it many, many times again – the looks on DW’s (and his brother RW) friends faces and his brother’s friends, really tear at my heart. His parents and family are torn apart, all of the young friends are grieving, the parents of those children – everyone is still in shock. There’s a numbness that just cannot be described.

But then there’s a little laughter tossed in once in a while that makes some of us feel a little bad afterwards, how can you laugh in the face of such tragedy?? However, I noticed that sometimes that laughter is almost on the edge of hysterical, I don’t know how else to explain that. But I think it’s because tears leak out at the same time.

To DW:

I pray for you the pain has been relieved and I pray you’re in peace, sweetie. You will be permanently in my heart forever so I can remember you and your smile. The last time I saw you was at Frank’s funeral service when you gave me a hug and told me you were sorry about Frank, I know you meant it too. Now I want you to go with Frank and your Grandpa and others you know when they come, they’ll take you under their wings and guide you where you need to go. I love and miss you. Rest In Peace, DW.


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