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Posted on: July 4, 2010

I’m not in a very good mood so what better to do than to post an entry. Maybe it will put me in a better mood. Never mind why I’m in the mood, let’s just try to ignore it because I have a sweet story to tell.

So there’s this girl and she’s a knitter. She knows better than to make a ‘boyfriend sweater’ because we all know that’s a curse in the knitting world. It’s the fastest way to his butt jumping into his car – through the window, no less –  and hightailing it away. Forever.

But what about the boy who makes a sweater for his girlfriend?

This isn’t any ordinary male knitter. No. Not at all. In fact, when he decided to knit this sweater for his girlfriend, he didn’t know HOW to knit. Not one itty bitty stitch. Stockinette?  Mmm… no. Ribbing? What’s that? Increase stitches? Huh? Decrease stitches? Sorry?? Never had he cast on any stitches and certainly, never bound them off.

The woman at the store he went into to find out information on how to knit said sweater, was indeed shocked herself. No way was he going to learn how to knit and make a sweater in the short amount of time he said he wanted it done.  Perhaps he should make something less challenging, maybe a scarf? No. He wanted to make that sweater.

He signs up for classes but doesn’t want to wait until the first class, he wants instructions on how to knit so he can get started. By the time he gets to class he’s ready to learn how read the pattern for the sweater he picked out.

Knitting Dude had that sweater done in three weeks. Three weeks. Twenty one days. Five hundred seventy six hours. You know he slept some of that time, he ate, he lived his life AND he knit a sweater in that time.

You know what else was incredible about this story? He made it out of Noro. Yep, he may be a babe in the woods for knitting, but he’s a Yarn Snob.

I want one of him.

By the way, it’s been 6 or 7 months now for this couple since he made that sweater and they’re still together.

Jestin & Sharon


8 Responses to "Knitting Dude"

Awww… He is awesome! Actually, both of them are awesome, but his awesomeness is enhanced by the three week time from newb to sweater!

I thought trying a sock from the toe up as a first project was insane – Knitting Dude beat me on the knitting insanity! He had to sew as well as knit. Yowza. It’s wonderful he could do that for her, tho if I remember correctly from our lunch conversation, he hasn’t knit anything since. 🙂

I’m seriously impressed. Three weeks and the knitting would have been a tangled heap and chewed by the dog in my house. I cannot manage two needles (perhaps you could teach me one day).

I will travel to England and teach you one day, Emma. Mark my words. Grace too! 🙂

I’ll hold you to that Patty. G isvery keen on learning to knit. She doesn’t approve of crochet.


To be honest, Emma? I find crochet boring but very useful for dishcloths. I realize for some there’s beauty in it for some but for me knitting is what works.

My five and ten year plans include trips to Australia and England so you will see me.

Would you ask G if she’d like to name my sheep puppet? There’s a picture at my flickr account. I’d be honored if she did.

I’d forgotten about the sheep (we did get your letter, i’m just being useless abour replying). She suggested fluffy and then went off to have another think. At 4, she’s still very litteral with names so you are quite lucky the suggestions weren’t either Sheep or Lamb!

Crochet is quick, knitting takes me forever to get more than about an inch away from where I started (I can cast on, and do garter stitch. I even used to know how to purl). I have sewed three tops for my holiday, plus a dress and bag for Grace this week though – pics heading to Flickr one day (promise).

Off to Wales next week. I’ll try to remember to post the postcards this year!


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