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Coffee Cozying Around…

Posted on: July 21, 2010

Today I decided to do a little sewing project. I’m in a swap on Swap-bot where we’re exchanging hand made coffee cozies. It was a very fun and fast little project. Or WOULD have been but my sewing monster machine was acting up. So I had to make it twice. Grrrrrr.

Below is the finished product and I’m also including a link to the site where you’ll find the instructions under Tutorials, Patterns & Free Stuff, just look for Coffee Cozy. I would link directly to the instructions but it’s pdf file and you should really see all the other things this talented woman has there.

IMPORTANT: As she notes, please don’t sell anything made from her patterns, it’s bad karma. And as I believe in karma…mine will all be for swaps or gifts! So go here for some fun: House On Hill Road

Coffee Cozy for Swap-bot to send

Coffee Cozy to send for Swap-bot swap

That’s all for today. Ciao, ya’ll.


4 Responses to "Coffee Cozying Around…"

This is so cute…. It goes on my short list!!! Thanx for passing on a really nice gift idea!

You are very welcome, Enjoy!

This is cute! I have seen swaps for coffee cozies but had no idea what they were. Thanks for displaying one and the pattern! It looks simple I may try to make one.

Thanks for joining my swap.

Swap-bot: QueenQuisa

I love the idea, it looks perfectly cute and artistic. Would be nice to be a set and with other similar items to other stuff, like to grab the forks and knives… hm? What do you think?

(ellipse from swap-bot)


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