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Posted on: September 18, 2010

This is a photo intensive post  and you can click on each photo to see it larger. You can also just hover with your mouse over each one to see where/what it is. There are many more pictures to see so feel free to look around once you click over to the pictures and their locations.

Recently I took a little vacation to New York City. I flew in to LaGuardia Airport and from there took a taxi to a a guest house in midtown Manhattan, to meet up with a blogging friend from Australia and her mother. It would be the first time we would meet, live and in person, so I hoped we would all get along as we’d be spending four days together in small quarters. Turns out there was no reason to even give that a thought as we all felt as though we’d known each other for years.

Below is a photo of the building our guest house (Sutton Residence) is located in – the steps lead up to a barber shop, above that for two floors is the residence itself. The level below the barber shop is a bar called SNAFU. It was an interesting place to stay, there are six rooms for guests who share three bathrooms and the owner lives on site as well. Extremely nice man, that Bruce, and he knows the city so he was quite helpful.

One of the first things we decided to do, thanks to Cinta’s research, was buy a New York Pass for each of us. This is a great little book and card pass with all sorts of discounts and many, many freebies. I purchased a three day pass and Cinta and her Mum each purchased a seven day pass as they were going to be there longer.
The New York Pass

We also purchased a boarding pass that would allow us to hop on and hop off the double-decker buses at specific stops throughout New York City. We utilized those a lot not only for hopping on and off but for the city tours themselves. Well worth the money.

So what did we do, you ask? Let me show you.
Ticket Stubs

Oh, sorry. You wanted more detail than ticket stubs? I totally understand, so here goes.

The 9th Anniversary Memorial Service for the 9/11 Attacks – It may not have been so quiet as to hear a pin drop, but let me tell you, it was damn close. Emotions were obvious and there was a respectable silence that I wouldn’t have expected with such a large crowd. I was literally moved to tears more than once and I didn’t know one soul who lost a life that day…but clearly, I didn’t need to.

9/11 Memorial Service9/11 Memorial Service9/11 Memorial 9.11.2010 New York

9/11 Memorial 9.11.2010 New York9/11 Memorial 9.11.2010 New York

Tribute in Lights – A total of 88 searchlights are lit each year to commemorate the attacks, two columns of light pointed towards the sky. I was fortunate enough a number of times to catch them in pretty good detail.

Tribute in Lights9.11.2010 Tribute in Lights Viewed From Brooklyn

Times Square – This was a loud, flashy, busy area with taxis honking and people everywhere. A block down was the M&M store.  Nearby was the Kodak wall and the Naked Cowboy. Yep. He’s not a myth, he’s the real deal. Oh, I almost forgot – Cookie Monster and Elmo, too, standing by the No Standing Anytime sign. When you click to see the Kodak photo larger (third picture below), try to find the three of us in the picture, I’m wearing a turquoise top, I dare ya…).
Times SquareM&M's

Can you find us?

Naked Cowboy

Cookie and Elmo

Parks – We experienced Central Park, Bryant Park and Peace Park (though this one only from the top of one of the tour buses). We also found out that parks are squares, squares are triangles, and circles are something completely different as well. Never mind, it made sense to us at the time of the tours.

Central Park View From Museum

Central Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park


Peace Park

Peace Park


Museums – We visited the Guggenheim (by the way, you aren’t supposed to take pictures in there, oops, at least the guard was nice when he reprimanded me) and the American Museum of Natural History. Outside of the Guggenheim was a gentleman doing caricatures, so he did mine. He was so detailed, he even has me knitting with the ball of yarn turning into a bike (I like to bike as well as knit – but not at the same time) along with my favorite building in New York – The Chrysler Building.

Guggenheim MuseumGuggenheim Museum

American Museum of Natural HistoryAmerican Museum of Natural History



Statue of Liberty – Cinta’s mum (I like saying that – mum) and I walked up to the pedestal level while Cinta relaxed down on the grounds. The sun was out so soaking up a bit of it I’m sure was a good thing for her to do. The woman in the middle picture below was being photographed by someone and this was her third try jumping for the picture – I thought maybe I could help so I took a picture, too. I’m kidding. I just thought it would be fun to try – she has no idea I got the shot.

Woman Jumping For Picture

Ellis Island – There was an amazing amount of great history with interesting architecture – plus a very cool face/flag display. And birds. Lots of birds. Birds that took people’s food off their plates. Not mine. I like my food, I protected my food from the little devils.

This is the face angle of the flag picture.This is the flag angle of the face picture.

Street Signs and Advertising – Just what it says. Wherever you go you see advertising and interesting street signs. Including upside down ones like the first one below. Yeah, I’m confused about that too. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way?? And I love the honking penalty one…but ironically, this is a city that has music all…night…long. But you can’t honk in some of the same places. Hmmm.

Upside DownWho Is Salt

Brooklyn BridgePret

Purple Dress Don't Honk

I have many more photos but I think this is plenty to whet your appetites for now. I’ll leave you with one last picture that has my favorite building in the background (I believe I mentioned this before…yes, it’s the Chrysler Building). It was taken on Lexington Avenue in the middle of a market that was set up for the day. Lots of delicious food and things to buy.

I do have a few stories to tell but I’ll hold off on those until next week. Want an idea of what one is? NBC Studios offers tours and they need volunteers at the end of the tour to do something. I did that something. Tune in next week to find out more.

Lexington Avenue Sunday Market



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