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In Less Than 48 Hours…

Posted on: November 3, 2010

this beautiful creature will finally be with me.


4 Responses to "In Less Than 48 Hours…"

Lucky You, Lucky Stella!

You are absolutely correct, Kitten, we’re both pretty lucky. 🙂

You should see all the toys I’ve already bought her along with a little bed and a purple collar and a really cool food/water dish… and the list goes on. Watch for pictures soon.

Oh, Torti’s are a wonderful friend. I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with two separate torti’s and the personality that they display is beyond compare. My first would greet me at the door at the end of the day, run up my body and perch on my shoulder, rubbing her head into mine. She was such a wonderful companion who passed on much too early.

Hi Guinifer – I love your story, thank you for sharing. I had a Torti growing up and she had the most amazing personality. We actually got her at the ripe old age of about 10 from an aunt who couldn’t have cats where she was moving to.

I remember throwing little foam superballs down the basement stairs and she’d fetch them for us. If she couldn’t find them she’d walk around down there growling until we’d go help find them. If she wanted to be in my lap or play and I wasn’t in the mood and would put her on the floor, she would sit in front of me on the floor with her back to me, then tilt her chin up and towards me and then away. As she didn’t want to play with me anyway. I could even wrestle with her and she wouldn’t hurt me. She’d be on her back and I’d place my hand lightly over her face (not gripping it, mind you), she’d bring up her arms and legs around my forearm and I’d move her back and forth, she’d growl but even with all her claws she never scratched me – we were just playing. She lived to be 21 years old and died in her sleep.

I’m really looking forward to having her – I think we both need companionship. 🙂

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