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Allow Me To Introduce Miss Stella

Posted on: November 7, 2010

Hello, My Name is Stella

What's Happening Out There?

Darn Fluffy Grace, Get Off Me...ow

Nummy - Cat Nip!




5 Responses to "Allow Me To Introduce Miss Stella"

Looks like she’s quite prepared to take over the whole house.

She petty much has already…she just discovered the butter dish (it’s a covered one that USED to sit on the counter but clearly will no longer) so she was sternly reprimanded. Oh, and she wants to eat all the time. I can’t even go into the kitchen without her meowing at me by the cupboard where her food is. They learn so quickly don’t they??

She really is a good girl and she’s so affectionate; she nudges my hand to pet her and my face if she’s close enough to it. It was definitely a good decision to adopt her. By the way, her middle name is Solace – thanks to your suggestion. I think it’s totally appropriate. 🙂

Oh Patty, she’s SOOO beautiful! She looks so much like the one you grew up with .. the one I used to shake the pounce can for 🙂 remember?

I hope you enjoy Stella S. for many wonderful years.

Shari xx

Hi Sis!

She does look like Snoopy, doesn’t she?? I’ll have to post a picture of her out here so people can see how closely they resemble each other.

Stella is a sweetheart except for her food whining/meowing. But I think it might be because she was eating so much when she had the five kittens so she thinks she still needs the same amount. You’d love her…hopefully you’ll get to the cities at some point and we can hook up.

Love you and miss you big time!

Do they even make Pounce anymore? Snoopy was so fun to teach tricks to in order earn the Pounce. On the other hand, who needed to do a trick, right? xoxo

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