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Posted on: November 13, 2010

I’m not sure when the snow started falling, I imagine it was overnight at some point. But it hasn’t stopped yet. A few pictures for those who love the snow. Me? I’m okay with it so long as A) I don’t have to go anywhere and B) I don’t have to do snow removal.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to deal with B today but not A. I’ll just keep telling myself it’s great exercise!

(Click pictures to see them larger.)

My Canadian rose bush – the snow is very heavy and is dragging down the bush but it has survived since 2007 so I’m confident it will continue to do so. Go Canada!
Rose Bush With Snow

Rose Bush With Snow

Bummer for the birdies…no water today!
Birdies Won't Get Much Water Today

My road runner plant holder, note the lights strung through his tail feathers.
Road Runner Plant Holder

The palm tree on the deck, I’ll light it up later today.
Palm Tree - Waiting To Be Lit Up

Snow…and it just keeps coming…this was much earlier in the day, we’ve gotten at least 3 more inches since this picture was taken.


4 Responses to "MinneSNOWta"

Take some Advil as soon as you’re done. I blew out 1/3 of the driveway and my shoulders are aching already.

Good advice, I may not have done that. Thank you!

What does Stella think of all this white mush, or has she been wise enough to stay clear of it?

I just went out and did snow removal and when I came back in I brought in a handful of snow. I put it on the rug, she sniffed it, then proceeded to go walk to her food dish and began begging for food instead. I did toss a little of it at her for giggles – no go, she ignored it. I think she’d react differently if I tossed her in a snowbank but I’ll keep it to the occasional handful instead. šŸ™‚

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