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To My Dearest, Darling, Adorable Mother Nature…

Posted on: January 21, 2011

Having lived here all of my life I am well aware that Minnesota is the land of snow and ice for many months of the year (too many by the way, feel free to shorten the time frame a bit). But this deep freeze we’re in? Was it absolutely necessary? People are beginning to freeze off body parts that they’d prefer to keep, in fact, some body parts are disappearing within their bodies and one doesn’t know if they’ll come out again. That would not be the female population, ahem.

I’m having a little gathering tomorrow afternoon with a few friends and it would be marvelous if you would adjust the temperatures up a tidge. Oh, I don’t know, maybe in the teens ABOVE zero? Not that we’ll be playing outside but their cars need the ability to start in order to come over and enjoy good food and company.

So dearest, darling, adorable Mother Nature – I beseech you…warm up? Please? Por favor? S’il vous plait? Bitte? Vær så snill? Any other language that would help move the temps along??

Love from Minnesota,



For those not familiar with our lovely state we are currently in a deep freeze. Literally. My neck of the woods this morning had a temperature of -29 Fahrenheit, that’s with the wind factored in. Up north about 3 hours or so from me the temperature is -29 WITHOUT the wind factored in, that would probably make it -40 including it.


Off to find my long underwear and Stella, she’s going to keep my neck warm or she won’t get fed today. Once we warm up Stella will be updating her blog with her own opinion about our snappy weather.


2 Responses to "To My Dearest, Darling, Adorable Mother Nature…"

I could not concur more with exactly what you reported!!

I’m glad I happened accross your web site.

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