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Let’s Brainstorm

Posted on: May 23, 2011

(Please pardon the ads that are showing up in my post, they’ve never done this before and I am not pleased. Bear with me while I try to figure out how to get rid of them.)

About six months ago I entertained the idea of changing the name of my blog, what I write about and what it looks like.  But I quickly realized that’s so much easier than one might think, and  I promptly dismissed the idea because I wasn’t up for the challenge.

But now I feel strong enough and excited enough to attempt that challenge, and to start I thought I would ask those who read my blog what their thoughts are on how to proceed. Below are a few questions I have about making this change that I don’t have answers for.

  • What facet of my life do I want the name based on?
  • Do I just make up a phrase that makes me laugh?
  • Do I spend quality time thinking about and examining what is important to me and come up with a new name that way?
  • What kind of design do I want it to have? Do I base it on color, people, places, things?
  • What should I write about? Just keep it random as I have and not focus on one particular kind of topic (i.e. knitting)?

What suggestions do you have, those who’ve read this for so long (and newcomers) for coming up with a new name? I welcome any and all suggestions – let’s brainstorm, shall we?


4 Responses to "Let’s Brainstorm"

I say you write about whatever is on your mind any given day when you feel up to writing and/or venting. Your way of writing is always so enjoyable to read, about any given topic, that following your blog/heart, would be a journey I’d love to take .. no matter what.

(sorry if this is of no help!)

Hugs, Sis

Oh Patty – this is a tough question. When I started one little acorn, it took me weeks to get going, because the name was so important to me. For me it had to be available as a business name too (not that I have used it yet!!) So, I certainly think the name is important.

As for topics, I am not one to advise really – my blog is a real mix, which can be a blessing and a curse. I love crafty blogs and arty blogs especially, but many of my faves and long time bloggy buddies are just about life. As it is, the good, the bad, the ugly and often the downright hilarious. Thoughtful and insightful.

Seems in the time I have known you, your blogs have been a good mix of your creative outlets and your life. Always honest and genuine, you can’t beat that for a winning combination.

Good luck with it all – looking forward to seeing the new look and continuing a special friendship.


hello! Just dropping by to see if I missed anything!
Hope you are well Miss P

I think it’s great that you feel a resurgence of interest in blogging. I’m trending down nowadays, and I wish I had some advice for you so I could follow it myself. The only thing I can say is don’t stress too much about the name and look – they’re changeable. For the topics, I think keep it as wide open as you are comfortable with.

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