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(Please pardon the ads that are showing up in my post, they’ve never done this before and I am not pleased. Bear with me while I try to figure out how to get rid of them.)

About six months ago I entertained the idea of changing the name of my blog, what I write about and what it looks like.  But I quickly realized that’s so much easier than one might think, and  I promptly dismissed the idea because I wasn’t up for the challenge.

But now I feel strong enough and excited enough to attempt that challenge, and to start I thought I would ask those who read my blog what their thoughts are on how to proceed. Below are a few questions I have about making this change that I don’t have answers for.

  • What facet of my life do I want the name based on?
  • Do I just make up a phrase that makes me laugh?
  • Do I spend quality time thinking about and examining what is important to me and come up with a new name that way?
  • What kind of design do I want it to have? Do I base it on color, people, places, things?
  • What should I write about? Just keep it random as I have and not focus on one particular kind of topic (i.e. knitting)?

What suggestions do you have, those who’ve read this for so long (and newcomers) for coming up with a new name? I welcome any and all suggestions – let’s brainstorm, shall we?


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