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May you all find peace, joy &

love this holiday season.

Patty & Stella (the little princess)

Carol of the Bells

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells,
all seem to say, throw cares away

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer,
to young and old, meek and the bold.

Ding dong ding dong,  that is their song
with joyful ring all caroling.

One seems to hear words of good cheer
from everywhere filling the air.

Oh how they pound, raising the sound,
o’er hill and dale, telling their tale.

Gaily they ring while people sing
songs of good cheer,
Christmas is here.

Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas,
Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas.

On on they send, on without end,
their joyful tone to every home.

Ding dong ding… dong!


I’m not sure when the snow started falling, I imagine it was overnight at some point. But it hasn’t stopped yet. A few pictures for those who love the snow. Me? I’m okay with it so long as A) I don’t have to go anywhere and B) I don’t have to do snow removal.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to deal with B today but not A. I’ll just keep telling myself it’s great exercise!

(Click pictures to see them larger.)

My Canadian rose bush – the snow is very heavy and is dragging down the bush but it has survived since 2007 so I’m confident it will continue to do so. Go Canada!
Rose Bush With Snow

Rose Bush With Snow

Bummer for the birdies…no water today!
Birdies Won't Get Much Water Today

My road runner plant holder, note the lights strung through his tail feathers.
Road Runner Plant Holder

The palm tree on the deck, I’ll light it up later today.
Palm Tree - Waiting To Be Lit Up

Snow…and it just keeps coming…this was much earlier in the day, we’ve gotten at least 3 more inches since this picture was taken.

Hello, My Name is Stella

What's Happening Out There?

Darn Fluffy Grace, Get Off Me...ow

Nummy - Cat Nip!



this beautiful creature will finally be with me.

Happy Halloween!

Forget Cat in The Hat, I have Cat in The Boot

The Mistake - Note the right eye, nearly chopped off the pupil. Oops.

Owl On a Branch - Ooh Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

I’ve had a lot of thoughts running through my head lately about the holidays and Frank no longer being here to celebrate them with me or our friends and family. But what I found today while prepping the kitchen for painting this weekend made me feel that everything is going to be okay – maybe not great, but okay.

I found a post-it from late 2007 or early 2008 that he’d written to me – it fell behind the hutch and has been stuck to a cord the whole time since.

It made me smile.


It’s true, really! I’m almost done with my K.I.S.S. I have a WIP (that’s Work In Progress for the uninitiated) picture to prove it – at least at the point it was two weeks ago. I should be able to bind it off in the next day or so and then block it next week. Click the photo to see it larger and in more detail.

365 75 1

I realized today that I hadn’t shared the gift I bought myself back in August when I was up north. I bought this silver pendant made by my silversmith friend; I need to buy a proper chain for it but I’ve been wanting to wear it so I had to settle for what I could find around the house. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? 365:89

Time to go work on my K.I.S.S. 🙂

Down, Stella!


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