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Updated 5/12/2010 – There are pictures not on here that should be of the finished studio. I need to gather them up and get them out here. Shame on me, eh? I’ll be out there soon to work on a fish chime. So glad to be playing with glass again, and in such a cool place.

This section will include photos of the progress made on the workshop studio (hubby said it should be called a studio, not a workshop) that my husband, my step-father and my husband’s friends will be are building for me to work on my stained glass projects.

Start date: 4/28/2007!


Picture 28 – 11/24/2007 – Tongue & Groove Time

Picture 28 – 11/10/2007 – Tongue & Groove Time

Picture 27 – 10/25/2007 – We have electricity to play that funky music, my friends! And note the insulation on the walls and ceiling. Oh, there’s also a vent in the ceiling that I didn’t photograph. We’ll figure out how we’ll cover the ceiling and walls in the spring. In the meantime, I’ll be able to start using this nextmonth December. I’m so psyched.

Picture 26 – 10/25/2007 – We have lights now that we have electricity. These can be moved to be right behind one another if I choose to down the road. I decided to have them off kilter for now so that I would get even lighting behind me when working. Also, I can have both lights on at once or just one of them.

Picture 25 – 10/25/2007 – We have heat and that little bugger kicks, let me tell you (ignore the ding in the spines of the heater, hubby accidentally did that but he’s forgiven as it still works). Note also the white bracket. Explanation down in picture 23.

Picture 24 – 10/25/2007 – More places to plug in tools AND a place to hang tools (mine, not his which are there currently) as well – yes, the whole corner is mine, mine, mine. Wait, the whole studio is mine, mine, mine, right?

Picture 23 – 10/25/2007 – The workbench. There will be two large brackets to support it, one near the heater (you can barely make it out in the picture), and one on the far left and then he’s going to make a post for the middle of the workbench. Far enough back so that if I’m sitting I won’t hit it with my legs and far enough forward to support it properly. I like this idea because that means there’s free space all around the bottom of the workbench and makes it much easier to vac or sweep.

Picture 22 – 10/25/2007 – Another shot of the workbench. Just because I like it. The workbench, that is.

Picture 21 – 10/25/2007 – The shingles are actually brown, this didn’t photograph well. Also, note the wood trim and blue paint. The bottom of the studio he painted just to get rid of the paint that was used to paint the door. It took at last count if I remember right, 7 coats on that darn door. The bottom no one will see once we put in plants and small bushes, etc. Note the pieces of wood near the door on the ground. He’s working right now on the making some cool wood steps that I hope will be ready soon because it’s a big step up into the studio for me. As for the wood trim? That’s his idea and while I like it I still think we need more around the door to bring it all together. I’ll convince him sooner or later.

Picture 20 – 7/19/2007 – Full view of its current state, looks like a real house doesn’t it?

Picture 19 – 7/19/2007 – West view

Picture 18 – 7/19/2007 – North view, what I wll see every moment I’m working in the studio. 🙂 The window is tinted but looks darker in the photo.

Picture 17 – 7/19/2007 – Inside, back of south wall where it looks like there is a door (see picture 14) but instead we’re making it a wall for cubbies, shelves, etc.

Picture 16 – 7/19/2007 – North side – this is the wall that will have the workbench and is my main view into the yard.

Picture 15 – 7/19/2007 – West side

Picture 14 – 7/19/2007 – South side

Picture 13 – 7/19/2007 – East side

Picture 12 – 7/14/2007 –

Comment – 7/15/2007 – Menard’s has the door I want on sale (for the east end instead of the door that came with it that is on the south end that you can’t see in the picture, that door is about 60″wide and I’d rather have that much space be wall space) so we’re going to go pick that up today. The windows will be going in either Monday or Tuesday. We’re getting closer to finishing!

Picture 11 – 7/14/2007 –

Picture 10 – 7/14/2007 –

Picture 9 – 7/07/2007 – We be roofin’ it!! Wahoo, wahoo, wahoo…

Picture 8 – 7/07/2007 – All four walls are up, the wall to the west will have a window that I believe is 28″W x 36″ H. I like that he thought to have the windows near each other, I didn’t. I also like that he’s not pushing to have a window on the south side because there would be pretty much zero light as the neighbor’s back yard is a virtual forest. Instead, we’ll have a skylight.

Picture 7 – 7/07/2007 – Another wall with the door opening, faces east or more to be more accurate, the garage.

Picture 6 – 7/07/2007 – The first wall. Note the window opening on the right. The window is 60″ W x 36″ H. This is the north side of the studio and there are zero trees to obscure the view from inside.

Picture 5 – 7/07/2007 – The kit opened and under the carport.

Comment – 5/12/2007 – The kit itself, which is the walls, roof and shingles have been ordered. They are due June 2nd. Therefore, there will be no additional progress updates until after that date. (Patience, MKG, patience!)

Picture 4 – 5/10/2007 – You can see the electrical cords on the top of the floor on the left and right hand sides. Just to give you an idea of height, the top of the floor is a foot from the ground. So I guess we’ll be building a step or two to get INTO the studio.

Picture 2 + 3 – 5/9/2007 – You can see they’ve laid the boards in the middle now, and then they inserted the 3″ thick (2 layers) of pink insulation (it’s almost like gigantic sheets of Styrofoam that you cut to size). So there’s 6″ layer of insulation between the ground and the floor. Before they inserted the insulation, they added more boards crosswise to the boards you see in the second picture below. So there is a ton of support happening here.

Picture 1 – 4/28/2007 – The concrete posts are poured and the perimeter floor boards attached. The size of the final workshop will be 10′ x 12′, the 10 foot width is parallel with the garage. Looks rather small from this angle, doesn’t it? Well, the guys didn’t want their pictures taken so this is what we get for day 1. Next up, attaching one more 12 foot post to the middle (you’ll see below there isn’t one) and then put down insulation and make the floor itself.

If you look closely, the middle spot where a post should be (by the cement mixer and the level) and the corner spot to the right don’t have them. The city made us remove an elm tree 2 years ago in that spot due to Dutch Elm disease and there are just too many roots to deal with. Since we don’t need a permit for this structure, we aren’t worrying about not putting two posts there. We’re going to use those big cement blocks instead. They’ll suffice just fine.


5 Responses to "Stained Glass Studio"

OH! My SIL had a stained glass workshop in her basement – she had a custom-made countertop with a lip built into it so she could just brush all the detritus right into the little ledge/lip.

[…] over to the stained glass studio page for an update. The guys have been working their you-know-what’s off the last couple of […]

congratulations! This is so exciting! and what a cute building you’ll have to call your own! Wonderful, wonderful!

[…] I’ve posted new pictures at the stained glass studio page. […]

How Exciting!!! Can’t wait to see your studio when done:) Congrats!!

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